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The Indian Patent Office implements automated process for generation and issuance of Patent Certificates

The Indian Patent Office released a public notice on 3rd July 2017 that the Patent Certificates will now be generated electronically by an automated process. The Patent Certificates will be generated after the patent is granted by the Controller General of Patents, Design and Trade Marks (CGPDTM) and will be made available to the applicants concerned or their authorised patent agents on record.

The office of the CGPDTM in the public notice has said: “The patent certificate so generated will be transmitted to the applicant concerned or his authorised patent agent on record on his email address recorded with this office and shall also be made available on the official website ( along with status of the application concerned. The Patent Certificate made available on the website may be downloaded and printed as desired by the Applicant. Applicants or their authorised patent agents are advised to update (in e-filing portal)/ provide their valid email id to the office so as to facilitate quick transmission of patent certificates to them.”

Previously, the Patent Certificates were delivered by post to the applicant or their authorised patent agents. This made it mandatory to ensure safety of the hard copy Patent certificate issued by the Indian Patent Office. Moreover, the delivery of the Patent certificate was time consuming. The previous Patent Certificate mentioned Patent Number, Application Number, Date of filing, Patentee, Title of Invention, Date of Grant and a note mentioning about the renewal fees. The renewal fee chart mentioned on the backside of hardcopy was not the updated one. This sometimes led to queries and conflicts while paying the renewal fees.

The automated process of generation of Patent Certificates has enabled to overcome the drawbacks of previously issued hardcopies of Patent certificates. The Patent certificate can be easily viewed or downloaded by any one from the website of Indian Patent office by clicking on “View documents” option which is obtained by entering the patent number in the block provided under the tab of Patent E-register. This facility has eliminated the need of storing and managing the hardcopy of Patent certificate. Moreover, this automated process has accelerated the delivery of the Patent certificate by reducing the time consumed for sending the hardcopies by post. Such electronic patent certificate is now available of patents granted from 3rd July 2017 onwards . However, the previously granted Patent certificate hardcopies are not yet available on the website. Transmittal and uploading of the patent certificate has become easier.  The currently issued  patent certificate comprises additionally a QR code, wherein the QR code when scanned directs to the Patent Office website. Another significant feature provided is a table mentioning a short summary of the patent comprising the legal status,PCT International Filing Date, PCT International Application Number, precise renewal amount and particulars or remark regarding the Patent. This summary is visible after entering the patent number in Patent E-register tab. Said short summary provides ease in knowing the status of the patent.

The initiative of the Indian Patent office for automating the process of issuance of patent certificates is truly a remarkable step towards expansion and growth of business in a long run. Moreover, there is no fee associated with the issuing of electronic certificates. The process has significantly become easier, faster, precise and user friendly.

Below given is an example of previously (hardcopy) and currently (electronic) issued Patent certificates, and a table mentioning the legal status and renewal fees updates:

By Sneha Nagarkar (Patent Associate) StratJuris Partners

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