Position title
Trademark Associate

(LL.M IPR / LL.B Hons. IPR)


0-3 Years


1 Permanent position is open in Pune for the Post of Trademark Associate. Candidates will be trained and deployed for searching, preparing, opposing and prosecuting Trademark as well as Copyright Applications in India and Overseas.


Job Details

Trademark associates are recruited, trained and deployed by Stratjuris for managing Trademark and Copyright portfolios of its clients. Successful candidates must be able to work within a team, and wish to continuously learn and overcome day to day challenges that a Trademark and Copyright professional is confronted with. The Candidate will be trained for first two months wherein he/she will be Trained on various Aspects related to searching, preparing, opposing and prosecuting Trademark as well as Copyright Applications in India and Overseas . Following to the training period, based on the Performance the candidate will be Appointed as Trademark Associate and will work on the following aspects:
1. Drafting and vetting agreements
2. Writing opinions on Legal matters
3. Online Docketing
4. Conducting Trademark Research activities including:
a. Registrability Search
b. Infringement Search
c. Trademark Watch Service reports
5. Drafting Trademark Specifications
6. Drafting representation for Trademark Oppositions
7. Preparing Trademark Infringement Related reports
8. Attending Trademark Hearings
9. Trademark filing and docketing
10. Conducting Copyright and Design Search
11. Filing Design or Copyright Applications
12. Drafting responses to Objections raised by Trademark Registry, Copyright Office or Design office
13. Contacting Potential Clients or leads in India and Overseas
14. Attending and Conducting Internal or External training programs
15. Preparing Educational and business development material and literature
16. Coordinating with Overseas Associates
17. Setting up processes and procedures
18. Preparing Databases of Intellectual Property Matters

Stratjuris operates 6 days a week but observe odd (1st, 3rd and 5th) Saturdays of the month as holidays.
Stratjuris Partners, is one of the best Intellectual Property Law firm to build and sustain a career as Trademark Attorney in India. The team at Stratjuris is culturally diverse and young.
With a state of the art office at located at Baner Pashan Link Road in Pune, the work culture of Stratjuris is finest amongst Indian Law firms.
Our strategy with new recruits is focused, we recruit candidates with acumen for Law and good English skills and invest heavily in their training and personal development to produce outstanding patent and trade mark associates.
Our Training program is rigorous and involving, that graduates the candidates in to empowered Patent and Trademark Associates. To excel at StratJuris you must have strong legal understanding, excellent language skills and commercial acumen.
Stratjuris offers a competitive salary and benefits package that increases with qualification and experience.
If you are ready for the challenge, we’d love to schedule further interviews.

Position: Trademark Associate

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Employment Type
Trademark Associate
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Date posted
May 28, 2018
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